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Publish: 18/05/2024 07:00:06

14-Year-Old Dog Always Has To Do This One Thing Before Bed

About eight years ago, when this dog named Tiger was 6 years old, her happy life at home changed forever.

It became even happier.

Jean TwoHawks Munn

That was around the time that Tiger’s mom, Jean TwoHawks Munn, adopted a new kitten — this sweet cat named Akaiba.

For Tiger, it was love at first sight.

Jean TwoHawks Munn

“Tiger was instantly obsessed with her!” Munn told The Dodo. “They were best friends right from the start.”

And it showed.

Jean TwoHawks Munn

Nowadays, eight years later, Tiger is very much a senior dog at age 14. She’s slowed down a bit physically, as to be expected, but the love she shares with Akaiba has yet to fade.

In fact, it’s only grown deeper.

Tiger and Akaiba have the sweetest nightly ritual to prove it.

Jean TwoHawks Munn

Every evening, just before bed, Tiger approaches her feline best friend with a tender request.

“She will go up to Akaiba and gently nudge her to be groomed,” Munn said. “This is part of their daily routine.”

Akaiba, her heart clearly full of love, has yet to ever turn Tiger down:

“Tiger groomed Akaiba a lot as a kitten, and as soon as Akaiba grew up a little bit, she started returning the favor,” Munn said. “They’ve been grooming each other for a long time!”

It’s more than apparent that the pair are one another’s soulmates.

Jean TwoHawks Munn

When their mom first brought them together all those years ago, she’d been a little worried that the stereotypical dog-cat dynamics might cause some conflict between them. But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

“It’s really great seeing how much they love each other,” Munn said.

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