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Publish: 18/05/2024 07:00:04

Abandoned dog found tied to tree — dog now in good hands as owner charged with cruelty

It was a heartbreaking sight after a dog was found abandoned and tied up to a tree — but now the dog is in good hands as the owner faces justice.

On April 22, a man was walking his dog through the Frank Niederwerfer Wildlife Sanctuary, in South Windsor, Connecticut, when he came across a dog, tied up to the limb of a tree.

The dog was mostly in good health, though his eyes were red and his neck was straining against the collar, according to CT Insider.

The good samaritan contacted the police, who began an investigation into the abandonment. Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates also offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The dog had a collar identifying his name as “Kobe.” The dog was taken in by Tyler Regional Animal Care Shelter.

In updates, the shelter said that Kobe was doing well, despite everything he had been through. He has been neutered, received his vaccines and was microchipped.

“His eyes are almost healed, and he is learning manners and personal space,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “He is LOVING all the attention from every person that meets him.”

Meanwhile, Kobe’s former owner has been identified as 26-year-old Janiya Bradford of Manchester, Connecticut. Police say she ultimately turned herself in, possibly due to the widespread attention to the case on social media.

“I truly believe that level of aggressiveness from the public kind of forced the suspect to come in here to have a conversation with us about it,” Sgt. Mark Cleverdon of the South Windsor police told NBC Connecticut.

Community service officer Kaley Curtis told the outlet that abandonments like this are increasingly common and happen “every day,” it is rare they actually find the culprit: “It’s kind of a rarity to have somebody come forward and admit to it,” Curtis said.

Bradford was reportedly charged with cruelty to animals. She has been released on a $5,000 bond ahead of her court date on June 5.

Kobe — now renamed “Obie” — will reportedly go up for adoption as early as Friday. He needs to be adopted to a female-only household, as he doesn’t like males. But given the attention to the case and outpouring of support for the dog, he should have no trouble finding a perfect home soon enough.

It’s heartbreaking that Kobe/Obie was abandoned like this, but we’re glad he is in good hands and will soon be up for adoption! Please share this story!

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