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Publish: 18/05/2024 07:00:04

Cat owner posts video of pet's strange behavior — gets a warning that has him rushing to the vet

The internet is full of videos of unusual pet behavior. But while they’re often harmlessly funny and quirky, sometimes an animal’s strange habit can be potentially harmful.

When one man shared a video of his pet cat licking a household object, he didn’t realize how serious it actually was — until commenters gave him a serious warning that had him rushing his pet to the vet.

The TikTok channel @beaglebitez often posts cute and funny videos of the owners’ pet cats. One video from 2022 shows pet cat Pocky exhibiting an unusual quirk: licking the family’s Himalayan salt lamp.

The cat licked it so much that it left a dent in the light fixture, as Pocky “licks it as a sea salt popsicle.”

The owners seemed to think nothing of it but typically funny cat behavior: “I guess that’s why our cat has been drinking so much water from his water fountain lately,” the owners joked.

However, they soon got a warning that the cat’s behavior was no laughing matter. Many comments warn that cats licking salt lamps could leave them with unhealthy or even lethal sodium levels:

you need to move that ASAP, I don’t think that’s good for them

pls take that away from the cat! it can cause severe dehydration, kidney failure and brain shrinkage!

cats are NOT supposed to intake salt like that

get vet to check his kidney function

Himalayan salt lamps have been a trendy household item in recent years. Some purport that they have health benefits, and they give off a pink glow that can provide a calming ambiance.


But many people remain unaware of the potential dangers they can pose to pets, who can get in the habit of licking the salty lamp, which can result in salt poisoning. Side effects include dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, vomiting, dehydration and seizures; serious cases can result in critical condition or even death.

While dogs are also susceptible to this kind of salt poisoning, cats tend to be more at risk because they love salt and, as curious and agile animals, are likely to find your salt lamp no matter where in the home you place it.

In 2019, a cat owner issued a viral warning after her pet Ruby exhibited unusual neurological symptoms after licking her salt lamp, mysteriously and suddenly deteriorating. She later discovered that salt poisoning had caused the cat’s brain to swell. After a trip to the vet, Ruby survived and the lamp was thrown away.

But understandably, not everyone got the memo, and it’s clear that Pocky’s owners made an innocent mistake, not realizing what danger their salt lamp posed to their cats.

The owners say they are grateful they put up the video and got such important feedback from their viewers, as it possibly saved Pocky’s life.

“We were not initially alarmed until we saw the TikTok comments,” Pocky’s owner JJ told Newsweek.

Thankfully, despite putting a sizable dent in the salt lamp, Pocky was unharmed.

“We quickly took Pocky to the vet where the vet did some blood tests and found nothing out of the ordinary, and none of the typical symptoms of salt overdose such as kidney failure.”


In the comments under the TikTok video, the owners say they have moved the Himalayan salt lamp out of reach.

If you have a Himalayan salt lamp in your home, remember to keep it away from your pets, as it can be dangerous or even deadly.

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