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Publish: 17/05/2024 13:00:07

Family Discovers Why Their Deaf Dog Won't Stop Staring At This Broken Down Truck

When Allison Thomison’s deaf pit bull, Evie, couldn’t stop staring at the truck her husband was working on, Thomison knew something was up. Thomison lives on a 300-acre farm in rural Arizona, so typically, when Evie is obsessively staring at something, it’s usually a wild animal like a Gila monster or rattlesnake.

But when Thomison went to investigate, she found it was someone else entirely.

Dog staring at cat coming out of truckTikTok / @farmofmilkandhoney

Turns out, Evie had noticed something that they didn’t.

It was a kitten — and to her surprise, Thomison actually recognized him.

A few weeks earlier, Thomison had spotted a kitten who looked exactly like her cat Noodle following Noodle around everywhere. Since Noodle is a neutered male cat, Thomison had no idea whether it was coincidental that they looked so alike or whether they were somehow related.

Because of his uncanny resemblance to Noodle, Thomison nicknamed the kitten Mini-Me. Soon after Mini-Me showed up, he mysteriously disappeared again — until Evie discovered that all along, he’d been hiding in the truck.

Dog staring at truck with cat coming out of itTikTok / @farmofmilkandhoney

Since Thomison’s husband has been working on the truck, it doesn’t have a motor. That means there was plenty of room for Mini-Me to get nice and cozy in the truck. So getting him to come out of the truck proved to be challenging, to say the least. He was suspicious of Thomison and made it very clear that he didn’t want to come out.

“He was very spicy … Then he suddenly realized that we were there to help him and we weren’t going to hurt him, so he came out,” Thomison told The Dodo.

Mini-Me quickly started feeling at home. According to Thomison, he “causes terror around the farm now.”

Cat popping out of truck lightTikTok / @farmofmilkandhoney

He gets along well with Thomison’s other three cats. Thomison likes to joke that the story of Evie finding Mini-Me in the truck is really just the story of how they got their fourth cat. Despite Evie being the one who found him, Mini-Me hasn’t quite warmed up to her.

“He swipes at Evie every chance he gets,” Thomison said.

Orange cats eating off the groundTikTok / @farmofmilkandhoney

Thomison has provided Mini-Me with a nice air-conditioned barn he can relax in. In typical cat-like nature, though, he doesn’t like hanging out in the place that’s specifically designated for him.

“He prefers his truck. He’s kind of like Oscar the Grouch [with] his little trash can … he just loves being in there,” Thomison said.

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