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Publish: 18/05/2024 07:00:08

Dog Rescued From Flood Won’t Stop Hugging News Reporter On Live TV

In the wake of the devastating floods that struck southern Brazil this month, thousands of residents have been forced to seek refuge after losing their homes. But people haven’t been the only ones affected.

Countless pets have been displaced, too, having gotten lost or separated from their families. Luckily, makeshift animal shelters have been put in place to keep them safe — but conditions there bear little resemblance to the lives these animals once knew.

Recently, reporter Paulo Mathias of SBT paid a visit to one such shelter as part of a TV segment on the efforts to help animals amid the natural disaster.

There, as the camera rolled for the live broadcast, Mathias made the acquaintance of one scared, flood-rescued pup who’d lost his family.

The dog began hugging Mathias’ leg for comfort.


“When the report came on, I was at work but stopped to watch it,” X user Hiro Jong told The Dodo. “I was moved. I could see how happy he was with the presence of the reporter by his side, and also how important this visit to the shelters was to show the reality of these puppies who went through the flood.”

Mathias later shared footage from that visit to the shelter online.

“I can feel his little heart,” Mathias said. “He’s very scared.”

According to reports, the dog’s family is currently listed as “missing” — so his time in the shelter appeared indefinite.

But following the TV segment, that all changed.

Mathias decided to take the dog home himself, to restore some peace and comfort after the disastrous events of recent weeks.

“In the midst of the chaos, a friendship emerged,” Mathias wrote.

For residents of the flood-ravaged region, cleanup efforts have only barely begun. But with Mathias’ gesture of love, one lonely dog’s heart has most certainly started to heal.

When Jong, who watched the dog’s hopeful hug live on TV, word that Mathias had opened his home to the dog couldn’t have been more welcome news.

“These temporary homes are important. The animals can receive greater care. They also need affection and care,” Jong said. “Sometimes, these homes can become permanent. It's a very beautiful attitude.”

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