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Dog rescuer wins trust of abandoned puppy — look of love shows she's finally home

There’s nothing sweeter than the moment a rescued dog knows that they’re finally safe. Recently, one woman went the extra mile to get an abandoned puppy to safety — and the pup had a precious way of showing her love.

Kelly Williams operates Kelaroo’s Ruff Ranch, a non-profit sanctuary for abused and abandoned dogs in Texas. Last week, she heard about a 6-month-old puppy who had been abandoned in the area and was surviving on her own.

Locals had seen the dog for weeks, but while the dog accepted food she would not let them catch her. Kelly arrived on the scene, trying to gain the dog’s trust with food.

Time was of the essence, as the little dog was in danger out there on her own: “We knew she would have to be caught before the coyotes got to her,” Kelly wrote on TikTok.

Not wanting to come on too strong and scare the dog off, Kelly left the food and returned later that evening to try and trap the dog. Once again they tried to lure her with food by cooking a steak, and when the dog took the bait she closed the trap, finally securing the dog.


Part 2: we went back with a trap and our rescue friend brought a cooked steak. We need to get her before the coyotes do! Video sped up for you. #rescue #stray #puppy #dog #pets #dogmom #kindness #fyp #kelaroosruffranch #wishlistinbio #kelaroosruffranch #animals

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After being abandoned and surviving on her own for weeks, the dog was understandably skittish, but Kelly worked to gain her trust.

“She was terrified after having been alone for weeks out there,” she wrote. “We got her home and set her up in a quiet safe space.”

While she described the dog as “dehydrated and still very scared,” she slowly began to warm up to her, enjoying belly rubs and hand-fed food.


Pt4. Phew! We got her home and we are both filthy and itchy. She’s a scared little thing, with lots of fleas, old scars and fresh bite marks. Shes about 5 months old and has been out there for weeks. She loved the belly rubs and got some Daddy love in the morning. We are getting her into our vet for full exam, shots and will get her spayed and healthy. We have had 11 unplanned dogs join our sanctuary since moving here (we had 14!) and the expenses are crazy. We have ways to help support the dogs in Linktree (amazon wishlist etc.). Welcome Sissy, we got you baby girl. #pets #dog #puppy #stray #rescue #kindness #fyp #kelaroosruffranch #animals #love #nonprofit #sissy

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Then, less than 24 hours since the rescue, the puppy showed a major sign that she was finally safe and at ease. An update video shows Kelly holding the rescued puppy, who clings on to her, as if she knows she’s finally home.

“She is hanging on so tightly which means she sees us as her safe place now and not a threat,” Kelly wrote on TikTok.


Pt.5 Dumped hungry puppy less than 24 hours after we had to trap her becasue she wouldn’t let humans near her. I can describe the feeling when they know they are safe and latch on to you. Pure love. We said no more but what do you do?? #dog #rescue #stray #puppy #pets #fyp #kindness #safe #babygirl #sanctuary #nonprofit #wishlist2022

♬ original sound – 🐶Kelaroo’s Ruff Ranch❤️🐾

Further updates show the dog, now named Sissy, bonding well with the rescue’s other dogs and getting a check-up at the vet. Kelly says that Sissy will not be put up for adoption and will stay at the ranch for good.

“We are her forever home. She deserves some heaven after living in such hell,” Kelly wrote.


Just a few days ago, this dumped little puppy was terrified and wanted nothing to do with Dogs. She is learning from the other dogs how to play and enjoy life. Sissy is going to fit in perfectly around here. While we weren’t planning on taking any more dogs, sometimes the universe has other plans. Welcome home, Sissy.#dog #rescue #stray #puppy #kindness #safe #fyp #sanctuary #welcomehome #pets #pleasesupport #nonprofit

♬ I Can See Clearly Now (Remastered) – Johnny Nash

That’s definitely the face of a dog who knows she’s finally home ❤️🥹 Thank you to this woman for going the extra mile to rescue Sissy and give her a forever home.

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