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Publish: 18/05/2024 07:00:05

Good Samaritans Walking Rural Road Stumble On A Box With 30 Babies Inside

Abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of a rural Missouri road, a group of 30 puppies recently found themselves wondering where to turn. The tiny animals were too weak to fend for themselves, and so they huddled together inside the small box, keeping each other company.

Eventually, a group of Good Samaritans stumbled on the box. Alarmed, they contacted local rescue authorities for help.

When rescuers from Wright-Way Rescue heard about the pups, they quickly agreed to assist. The rescue team couldn’t believe how many babies had been dumped on the roadside.

“We've obviously come across many dumped and abandoned litters of puppies and dogs, but never this many in one location,” Wright-Way Rescue executive director Christy Anderson told The Dodo. “And these puppies were so young. It was just heartbreaking.”

puppies in box Facebook/Wright Way Rescue

Rescue team members brought all 30 puppies to a local veterinarian for health checks. Experts found that many of the puppies were suffering from ticks, which, if left untreated, could have been life-threatening.

As they examined the puppies, rescuers realized they came from at least three litters, meaning that many of them were different ages. Caring for all of the dogs would require specialized attention depending on each dog’s age and development.

people saving dogs Facebook/Wright Way Rescue

Safe at the rescue, the puppies are relaxing and getting the love and attention they deserve. In the coming weeks, the pups will continue to receive necessary treatment, eat quality food and eventually get spay and neuter surgeries.

Wright-Way Rescue is grateful for the giving community members who have rallied around the dogs so far, and they encourage community members to continue to help in any way they can.

“I wish that more people knew that their involvement is wanted and desperately needed right now in animal welfare, whether they are a foster or a donor or an adopter,” Anderson said. “If you're willing at all to help or become involved in any capacity, you are needed.”

puppies in kennel Facebook/Wright Way Rescue

Eventually, each of these dogs will leave the shelter, headed to permanent families of their own.

“As they grow stronger and healthier, these adorable pups will be ready for the ultimate adventure — finding their forever homes!” Wright-Way wrote in a Facebook post. “We're actively seeking loving foster and adoptive families to provide them with a warm, nurturing environment where they can blossom.”

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