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Publish: 17/05/2024 13:00:05

Rescuers Spot Dog Tied To Laundry Basket — Then Notice Tiny Eyes Peeking Out Of It

The minute Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy 29, answered her phone last month, she knew something was seriously wrong. The caller, a man working in an industrial area outside of Los Angeles, was breathless as he described finding a lone laundry basket on his worksite filled with fluffy babies — and their mom was tethered next to them.

Suzette Hall

No one knew how long they’d been out there or where they’d come from, but one thing was certain: The tiny family was intentionally left behind. Thankfully, the right person found them just in time.

“[They were] literally dumped,” Hall wrote on Facebook. “Thank God a worker noticed them.”

Suzette Hall

Hall agreed to help, rushing to the industrial zone as soon as she hung up the phone. The dedicated dog rescuer was relieved when she arrived to find all three pups and their mom still alert in the basket.

“Mama was wiggling her tail [because] I had come,” Hall wrote. “She was so happy to see me. She knew help had come for her little family.”

Suzette Hall

Hall’s heart sank as she untied the ropes tethering the mama dog, later named Polly, to her babies. She could tell they would all need medical care — they were dehydrated and covered in ticks — but she was hopeful they would fully recover at the vet’s.

As she carried each pup to the car, Hall showered the family in loving affirmations and assured them everything would be OK. She told them just how loved they were on the way to Camino Pet Hospital and promised to find them amazing families as soon as they felt better.

Suzette Hall

Polly and her babies, Bowie, Rolly Polly and Fidget, received immediate treatment for ticks and digestive troubles at the vet hospital. They were exhausted and weak, but they were finally on the mend.

It’s been a few weeks since the rescue, and the laundry basket family is thriving. One of the puppies, Bowie, has since been adopted and is now enjoying life alongside his new favorite humans.

Suzette Hall

His siblings, Rolly Polly and Fidget, and mom are still waiting for their happily-ever-afters, but Hall expects their wishes to come true soon based on their loving personalities.

“They’re all the sweetest, most thankful babies ever,” Hall told The Dodo. “Mama has not stopped wagging her tail.”

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